At CrossFit Dieppe, we pride ourselves in offering one of the best CrossFit experiences around. We want to offer the most flexibility to our members at the very best price.

That said, with COVID-19 restrictions & guidelines, there will be a few changes that we must enforce for the time being.

  • Members must sign-up using their Zen Planner account. (Click on the "Z" in the header for the direct log-in.

    • If you are signed up, and cannot make that specific time anymore, please cancel it, or if it's too late, message Coach Luc to cancel it, and hopefully another member will be able to join the class.

    • If your account is not working, please email us and we will help you solve the problem.

  • We will not be allowing Open Gym all the time like we normally do. If we start allowing open gym at any time, it will be in the schedule, and members will be required to follow the schedule.

  • Members will have to leave the gym as soon as the class is over so the other class can enter for their workout. (No hanging around inside the gym after class for the time being)

  • No kids will be allowed in the gym for the time being.

  • Everyone entering the gym must sanitize your hands (hand sanitizer or wash your hands)

  • Members must stay in their "assigned box" for the entirety of their workout except for going to the bathroom. (Please ask your coach to make sure there isn't already someone there

If you have any questions, or concerns, please ask your coach or email us anytime.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation,

You CFD management.