Olympic Lifts

Clean (AKA Squat Clean)

Power Clean

Hang Clean (AKA Hand Squat Clean)

Hang Power Clean

**Note: Any combination of the "Cleans" can be combined with any of the 3 "Presses" learned in the "9 Foundational Movements".

Clean & Press, Clean & Push Press, Clean & Jerk, etc

Video below will show a "Clean & Push Jerk"

Clean & Push Jerk

**Note: There is another technique called the "Split Jerk" that is used to get the barbell from your shoulders to overhead. (See video below).

Also, you can use this technique to do what is called a "Clean & Split Jerk" (video also below)

Split Jerk

Clean & Split Jerk

Snatch (AKA Squat Snatch)

Power Snatch

Hang Snatch (AKA Hang Squat Snatch)

Hang Power Snatch